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Our generation is changing day by day

People now days are so much into smart phones that they forget about everything else.

You may have not noticed but if you are out with friends for a birthday or a get together, the 1st thing that pops up in their mind is to click selfies and upload it on snapchat or Facebook or post it to Instagram.

They all are involved into their smart phones that they never realize the meaning of talking or sharing stuff in their lives not through phone but through verbal communication.

If you are out with your wives or your loved ones , both the member are busy either clicking pictures or into WhatsApp .Both forget about each other and don’t enjoy the quality time which they used to do earlier.

Our generation is changing day by day, where children are buying big expensive Headphones and mobile phones which we never had or wanted. In this generation children, rather than playing outside or any outdoor activity are involved in their video games like PS4 or Xbox or busy watching videos on their iPad’s

It is really sad to think that our own children are/will be a part of this involvement that none would really matter to them

To be continued……

-The Man in the Bus


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