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You know how people say things happen for a reason?

You know how people say things happen for a reason? Well, this once I actually think it is true.

Having lost my job in December, it has been a very hard couple of months as you can imagine. Have I ever said I am a single mother? Now I knew that I needed to do something. So, I had already found a way to be able to pay next terms fees but I wondered what would happen God forbid I don’t find something by the time we are getting to the third term. So, I did something I didn’t think I would be doing for a very long time. I reached out to baby daddy and I told him it is time he started taking responsibility. Because right now I am not able to provide like I used to.

To my surprise, he wrote back almost immediately. I was sure he had blocked me on Facebook and I didn’t want to go through anyone to talk to him seeing as that didn’t work out so well the first time…. story for another time. So, we got to talking and he seems like he wants to cooperate. But guys I think I am usually rooting for people too much and I try to see the good in them that I am not actually sure if he is for real or just taking me for a roller coaster ride.

So, he is married now so please don’t even start with thinking that maybe there is a chance there. And I and he were a long time ago when I wanted more and didn’t appreciate what I had. Yes, back to the story at hand. Men are men and he told his wife that I never told him that I was expecting his child because you know every sane woman would ask why to have you never taken responsibility for your child. So, he says she suggested we go for a paternity test. Which we have done and this is the end of week 3 so the results should be out next week.

People pray for me that he hasn’t done anything sinister like bribe them that the results come out negative. But I want to be positive and believe the years have made him change for the better, not that he wasn’t a nice person he was just let us say he could have been better, more.

So, there are some things that leave me a bit sceptical about him and this whole situation. He says they would like for my son to be part of their family or rather we all be one family but he never really asks about him when he calls. Anyway, let us hope when the results are out things will change. Yes, me always thinking the best of everyone.

Wish me luck as I embark on this new journey. Perhaps into modern family status.



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