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When Things Start Going Right, I Start Crying


So, here’s the girl who when things start going right in life she starts crying alone at night to herself.

She makes up characters to fall in love with, other characters from TV shows or movies or bands or whatever the hell because she’s so goddamn lonely half the time, but she just can’t admit it to anyone because they will show fake pity.

She loves her cats too much and gets overly passionate over something for a really long time and she’ll feel like she’s annoying everyone so she’ll stop showing her love for that one thing because she doesn’t want her friends to stop loving her.

She may watch too much Netflix and plays too much Sims, but she loves to create characters and has a particular sense in shows that no one quite really understands, not even herself.

She stresses out too much and yet has no care in the world, but tonight, she started crying for no reason and realized sometimes you have to cry instead of holding it inside because your state of mind can only hold so much. So get it out now and stop worrying, you’ll have more time to be happy and not give a shit about what other people think when you join in on things late and start getting passionate about that one thing for like a month or so.
It’s your life and you shouldn’t be ashamed of the things you love if one of those things is you, yourself.

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