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I want him back in my life

Yes! I still do love him 🙂 I don’t know whether he does or not 🙂 but I do 🙂 I want him back in my life 🙂 no has no idea how much I miss him 🙂 not even my best friends have 🙂

I know we were never been committed, but I loved him. I don’t know whether he loved me or I was one of target or a time passing stuff 🙂 but he was my pleasures, happiness, the reason of smiles, the reason of being beautiful 🙂 no one knows how much tears I’m sharing with my pillows.

There is no single night that I didn’t miss him I didn’t remembered how he made me to feel special 🙂 These feelings I can’t share even with my best friends because they will scold me because of missing him yet 🙂 I wish he would give me an acceptable reason to leave. 🙂

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  1. You know I m of 17 I started loving a girl when I was of 6-7 years old I told her that I love her when I was of 15 we was very good our relationship was for 1 year 3 months 2 days then I left her not because I don’t love her or don’t care or she was a time pass but because she was very good at studies then she came down and down in 1 year she was getting failed I left her because I love her enough to let her go and get happiness she again now topper of her class she hates me alot now but do she understand that I did that for her? I loved her alot and I love her alot but sometimes it not mine but her happiness which took my all happiness to see her smile but for her I m just a boy who cheated 🙁 I too can’t share with anyone not because they will scold me but because no one will ever believe me 🙁

  2. Btw I never touched her or anything as we were in long distance relationship but still love her sometime it just my love not her body or how she look same boy 17 years

  3. I will tell you my story then
    I am of 17 i started loving a girl when was of 6-7 i told her when i was of 15 then we was in a good relationship long distance so never touched her so i can say i love not her body she was not time pass for me but i left her after 1 year 3 months and 2 days because she a topper but in a year her marks fell down she started getting failed so i decided that i will leave her not because i do not love her or do not care for her but because i love her enough to let her go and be happy now she again get good marks her carrier is on the way but now i am a boy who cheated her for her so what can i say i still love her still wanna be with her even when i left her 1 year back but for her i am the worst but who am i i know i also cant share it with my best friend not because he scold me but because he will not believe me

    i do not know who are you just shared what i feel for her but you may never believe me but it all true

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