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Cornered with no way to go or hide or protect myself

Hello everybody,
My name is Khodor, I’m about to turn 23. I’m here today to share something I’ve experienced during the 10th grade. Like previous school years, the other kids would gang up and beat me, throw my books out of the window, call me names, but this year something happened that changed me.

Almost halfway through the school year, we were scheduled to go on a field trip. While we were halfway through the road, I was staring outside the window and then suddenly, the teacher stood up from his seat, and for no reason he started punching me on my head. Cornered with no way to go or hide or protect myself, I glanced at the other students that were merely observing and didn’t even bother to stop him. I noticed that one of the students, I say students because honestly, I can’t say that any of those people was ever my friend, one of the students was recording the incident. After 25 consecutive punches, I felt as though my head was going to explode, I was in a state of shock, I didn’t know what to do or what triggered this whole thing to happen, but I knew that I had to get the video recording. So, after we got off the bus, I quickly asked him to give me the video and he told me no. Shocked, I asked him why not? He said that it would be bad for the teacher… In my mind, I said to myself, am I so hated that people would turn a blind eye as to what happened? When it was time for us to get on board the bus again, the principal stood in-front of the entrance and told me to go speak with the teacher. I told him no, then he replied with: “Go or I am going to hit you”… Forced to speaking with the teacher that assaulted me, he stared making excuses like “he didn’t hit me “then” I didn’t hit you hard “or” I only hit you 5 times”… seeing as how I stubborn, he told me to go on the bus and gave the principle the signal to let me get inside… Waiting for the time that the school day ends so I can go and tell my parents, I tell my father that and he tells me “You wanted to school”… Seeing as how my father is a deadbeat and doesn’t even care about me, I don’t even know why I felt that I should even tell him, I told my mother who went the other day to speak with the vice manager of the school. The vice manager summoned me to his office with my present, he told her that your son must’ve provoked the teacher which led to him assaulting your son. He was talking in a normal tone, he didn’t even care about the fact that I got assaulted, all he cared about was covering up for the teacher… Please do take note that the school itself is “Religious and is a private school“. After my mother left, the vice manager walks towards me and whispers into my ear “If I want to, I’ll put my foot on your neck“. In other words, he didn’t want me to say anything to anybody about this situation. Sometime later, one of the students hits my nose with his elbow and I fall to the ground in a pool of my blood, and as I was falling I swear I saw him laughing. Nobody came to help me get up not even the gym teacher, my body was in shock I couldn’t even move. After a couple of minutes with me there lying on the ground, my school uniform all covered with my blood, I managed to pull myself together and finally stand up. When the vice manager saw me, he had that grin on his face and when I told him what happened, he told me it was just an accident… During the week that follows, as I was leaving the bathroom, 5 students come and start to hit me, the principal was idly standing by just watching, when I went and asked him as to why he didn’t come and stop them he told me: “Get the hell out of my face”….
I was losing my mind, I was all alone, the on-going torture from the faculty and the students, nobody there to lend a helping hand, I felt as though I was an island and the waves were coming stronger day by day to make my sink… eventually, the school year ended, I got my grade book and as saddened and as I was by the final grade I got I wasn’t surprised, but what saddened me the most and broke my heart was seeing my mother crying after knowing I had failed, I felt broken inside, the only person that only cared about me was crying and there was nothing I could do to stop it… I bit my tongue and closed my eyes and started to wonder, am I living in such a society where people pretend to be in X religion, and they set high morals for others to follow but they break and bend the rules to their bidding?

That’s my story everybody, I’m a sad soul, that has lived a sad life. Suffering from migraines and sleep deprivation, I mostly can’t sleep due to the migraines, I wonder what cruel things my fate has to bring me

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