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Life gave me so many chances, but I took them all for granted

My life at the moment is totally messed up. I have done a terrible mistake. I was given many chances in my life to change myself but never took them seriously. I never even bothered to understand them. What I always thought was my parents don’t like me much, don’t consider my feelings, can never accept me as I am etc. I had many faults in me. But they never compared or complained like other parents. They supported me in my lowest times. Did what many would never do. But did I once realize all that. Took them for granted, and so here I am regretting. Life gave me so many chances, but I took them for granted. Now I realize what I have done. But I have no chance of going back. I have made a mistake which can never be solved. All I can do is regret and cry. At least now I should change myself and live as a better person. I really want to die now. I have reasons to live, but I can’t do them because of my guilt and regret. I have hurt many people and I am suffering because of mistakes. I really wish all this had never happened but I was too late. Really need psychological help….

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  1. Your purpose in life now is to do make up for all the wrongs you have done.

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