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Matt got his leg amputated because of Cancer

Matthew Kyle Manning was a 3 sport varisty athlete as an incoming freshman. He was a sponsored surfer and made starting QB for Varisty football. He was living the dream.

Matt was an all-around athlete who was going to be taking all honours in high school and pre calcus as a freshman. Matt had everything, even the perfect girl!

So, what happened to this fairy-tale? Well Matthew was diagnosed with stage 4 Ostecoma cancer in Hawaii while he was on vacation back home visiting family. Matthew had pain is his legs and arms for a while and the pain got worse every day. When they went to the doctors they did cat scans and it lighted up like a Christmas tree. A 2-week vacation became a 2 month stay as Matthew started chemotherapy right after 2 surgeries.

Late July the doctors did another cat scan and his right leg from his thigh down was full of the bone cancer and Matthew was rushed into surgery to amputate his right leg. For Matthew losing a leg was everything because how could he play sports and surf? It’s been almost 2 weeks since Matthew got his leg amputated and he’s learning how to walk with a prosthetic leg and Matthew is scheduled to fly back home to California on June 7th where Matthew will finish his last round of chemotherapy and hopefully start school on August 14th at Mater Dei high school.


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