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My mom got me erect when checking out my swollen balls

This is a true story, I was 12 years old and got hurt in Dodge Ball, I had my balls hit hard and they swelled a bit. I had the Female Nurse check me out and sent me home with my Mom, she said for me to go take a shower and then call her when I was done.

I called her when I was done, and she came into the bathroom. I was shy, and covered myself, and Mom calmed me down. She taken the washcloth away and she reached for my balls and the swelling had
went down some. Was almost normal but still hurt some.

When she grabbed my Cock to feel my balls, my cock began to go. I know it’s a normal thing when someone touches your private area’s they seem to get excited.

I was tall 6 feet and had an almost 6-inch cock. Took Mom some time to check me out. I did get hard like a steel pipe. That’s when Mom gave me my first blow job. I told her I was ready to shoot and she just stayed glued to my cock and I shoot several loads of cum down her throat.

When she was done she smiled and wipe her mouth, and then she put her finger to her lips and said. “We must keep this our Secret.” and I have for a long long time. Later that night, mom came into my room after everybody was asleep and we had sex.

I was behind her doggie style and she showed me the ropes I made her happy with a smile. And to this day, I still love her, she may be gone, but not forgotten.


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