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Sleepless nights after playing a charades game

It’s 3 in the morning, I can’t sleep. I keep thinking about all the embarrassing things I have said and done up until this point in life. Can’t shake it off and don’t know how. Let me share one embarrassing thing I said when I visited my cousins and relatives in my native country.

We were playing a knock-off heads up (a charades game), we were playing the animal category and polar bear came up. I said Antarctic, I said that penguins lived with polar bears. And pretended to have mixed up the continents when confronted. Even if I did, it wasn’t really a valid point. Now you may think it isn’t that embarrassing, but it really was in my situation. I was trying too hard to reconnect with them, too hard to be cool, too hard to impress them, so now despite all my efforts, instead of having the least of any quality I listed, I was just STUPID.

I felt stupid not knowing that my whole life and I can’t even play it off cool because it’s just stupid. I will probably never live this down and will remember this moment for the rest of my life, furthermore probably will occur in my worst nightmares. I can see myself recollecting this in the next ten years on a sleepless night like this one. It’s a boring story and I don’t mind if nobody sees this, just want to get it off my chest. Goodnight from Canada.


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