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Do I love being alive? No

I am an ordinary Indian girl

And believe me it’s not easy.

You are raised to be an epitome of leading ladies from the television series when you know it’s all fictitious. but who explains the world and moreover who explains your very own family.

I am 22 year old going to be doctor in a year but have I enjoyed my life ?? No. Have I loved being alive ?? No

I hate it in fact

Because all I am doing is living a terrible life from the day I was born.

I was one girl to be born in our family after ages and I know today why god never blessed them with one.

Because they don’t deserve one

They don’t beat me but they kill me every time

And yes I am in depression today

I don’t have a single friend to call to because they don’t like it

I had boyfriends but every time they got to know I was realised that it was a crime for which no mercy is there

My mother perpetually hates me and her only dream is to get me married to someone from their caste when I want to do something big and fun fact

I didn’t choose this caste so how is it my caste??

I am dying every day

And worst is I can’t even explain it to anyone

If anyone sees this please reach out for help

I need hope the most

Not your cash and property

Tell me it’s worth living and make me believe in myself


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  1. Your life certainly sucks now, and it might carry on for a lil longer. But I’m sure that there’ll be one day, that things will get better. My life is pretty shit right now too, and I’m pretty weak emotionally. I’ve had a lot of pressure on me and nothing seems to go well. But every single day, I work towards the day I’ll be free from this feeling. I keep telling myself that, one day, it’ll get better, you’ll escape the cycle, and it can be something as simple as taking a step to the right, or breaking through the walls, you never know. But one thing I believe is, no matter what family you’re born in, you can always break free, not telling you to run away, yet. I live by a principle, blood is simply blood, if a family doesn’t treat you like family, it’s not a family. I know you need someone to depend on, I’m sorry that you’re feeling lonely and that you’re shouldering it alone, but one day it’ll get better. 5/10/20/50 years down the road, I swear to god that there’ll be one day you’ll tear up when you think of this very moment and you’ll be glad to say that “I’m glad I lived”. You’ll hug your kids and tell them about how shit life once was and you’ll never let them feel the same. You’ll look at your Husband and thank him for entering your life. It’ll get better. Trust me and believe in yourself. You’re stronger. And thanks for reminding me to stay strong too! All the best

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