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Sex with a granny

Ok so this is a story about my sex with a granny. So, I was at home watching tv with my 10-inch penis sticking out of my boxers. I hear a knock on my door. I put my penis in my boxers and put on my pants and opened the door. There ware 2 grannies’….

I liked to watch my mother shower and masturbate.

I liked to watch my mother shower and masturbate. I would always finish while she washed her breast, then one day I was late, when I got to the bathroom, mom was done washing her breast and moved her hands down. Then she put a foot on the side of tub and I saw it….

Old boys club rules

Old boys club rules. Don’t say it out loud that we like to rape girls. Just wink at him and laugh at her. If she says it out loud then grab her by the reputation. And choke her to death.

But in high school I fuck bitches

When I was born, the high pussy’s took me to jail and they destroy my ass-hole. They put niggers inside my ear and then they fuck me in the nose because I was a beautiful kiddo. But in high school I fuck bitches. In the army I fuck bitches. After the army I fuck bitches….


I love to play with my brother and sisters vagina and dick at same time. It makes me cum everywhere I love it.  

I realized how horny my sister was

Wedgie I am a 14-year-old male (weighing 69 kg). One day, I was in my room, shirtless and wearing shorts and underwear, lying in bed. I live with my younger sister and we go to school but today was Sunday and our parents are never home. So, when I was lying in bed, my red…

I’ve always fucked my mom

Well since I was little I’ve always fucked my mom and because I love boobs and we all wear matching bra & down shirt. But I watch her put it on an I take it off an lick & suck on her boobs an pussy then fuck the hell out of her but we also…

The story of me raping a girl

I opened the door, she was sitting on the bed wearing all white shrug, blouse, and a long skirt. Her fists clenched the sheets as she saw me, her body stiffened as she looked down. I sat close to her touched her face so innocent, so beautiful. I kissed her pink lips as she trembled,…

I thought it was her first time

Damn can’t believe I am writing this up here. I am just wondering how many of you are non-virgins and what was your age when you lost it? The reason for my question is that I am twenty one andn my girlfriend too. After having sex for the first time, I found out that it was…

My First Two Amazing Experiences of Teen Sex

Like any teen boy, sex was always on my mind. I was around twelve years old when I had my first wet dream and shortly after that was when I started masturbating. At first it started out with my imagination, simply thinking of a pretty girl at school, then it was the underwear section in…

I felt obligated to have sex with my boyfriend

When I was in my teens, I used to feel obligated to have sex with my boyfriend because I felt guilty. Wherever he wanted, it did not matter. I hated myself for it. He was manipulative, and I let him control me. Not anymore, I took back my freedom.

When my sister gave me a wedgie

I am a 14-year-old male (weighing 69 kg). I woke up in my black briefs and socks. I live with my sister and maid (my parents are overseas). Our maid is gone for holiday packing us food for 2 weeks. Anyways, I got up and decided to get something from the fridge. I went to…

I was tapped having sex with my cousin

When I was like 7 years old, I was forced to appear in naughty movies with my girl cousin who was 5. I had to licked her vagina, finger her butt, put my penis in her vagina and her butt and she sucked my penis. All this time, it was being taped.

Mom let me breastfeed from her when I was 10 and I came

When I was about ten years old, and I wasn’t feeling well, my mom offered to breastfeed me. She said it would make me feel better. The first time, I said no and laughed. I thought she was fooling. She came back to my room a while later and took her top off in front…

My friend walked in and made me orgasm

On day I was watching porn and I felt the urge to rub my pussy, so I grabbed a Barbie doll and used the leg of that. After I grabbed that I put spit on my pussy and started to rub slowly. In the middle of that my friend walked in and asked what I…

I walked in on my step mom naked

I was 3 or 4 and walked in on my step mom. At the time, I didn’t even know what sex was. But anyways, I was walking up the stairs to her bathroom in the hallway to deliver her mail to her. Little did I know she was in the bathroom full naked with big…