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Should I get Back Together?

I just wanted to know if anyone can help me if this was the right thing to do..i was 3 months old with my girlfriend and well i got jealous of a friend of his cause it was her ex..and my girl still loved him..afterwards she told me she didnt talk to him at ALL so i was like ok..but i then noticed she did? why did she lie??we broke up on the day we turned 3 months together..2 weeks after we got back together..and on the afternoons she broke up with me -.- ..not really fun there..we called each other names and stuff like a really bad fight by msn..and 3 days ago i told her i didnt want to talk to her anymore, i wanted her out of my life..was this the right decision??did i do the right thing?i really love her… :( pls help

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  1. You can never know if it was the right decision or not. If you stayed with her you might win the lotto and be rich, if you didn’t stay with her you may have kids with another person (but you wouldn’t if you stayed with her).

    If you still like her, go talk to her and sort things out. Tell her how you feel and she might accept you back. Your relationship then may be stronger than ever. If she rejects you, move on. Just remember to tell her what see is missing out on if she rejects you.

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