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But came that day. A day which I like to remove from my life.

I am a 22-year-old girl, I had been in love with a guy who I met in my college. I Still remember the day I first met him. Initially I had no idea I would fall in love with him, a kind of happiness that creeps into me whenever I bumped into him occasionally during my first two years of college. I stalked him a lot even without knowing his name on Facebook and finally got his profile in 3rd year.

To my surprise after he accepted my request he sent me a message. Then we became good friends, and then it took a year for us to tell each other our love. And for both our surprise we have shared similar feelings for the past 4yrs. Each unknowingly eyeing each other, stalking each other. Such a love story we had most of us envied us, well-wishers cherished our love story. Planned a lot for the future. I got my job he started looking into his dad’s business, and we had like a perfect life.

But came that day. A day which I like to remove from my life. an uninvited guest. In the name of friend. I trusted him, but he had other intentions he ruined my life!!! I cried and cried and ran away from him to get into safe hands of my love. But life had other plans. the love that one’s said I’ll be with you holding your hands whatsoever happens just left me telling “A boy will do like that only. It’s you who should have been careful. So, get out of my life Bitch”. I was not just shattered I was nearly dead. The one who I longed to be with is no more. Gone, just Gone.

Now I am now like a fool waiting for him. Every time my mobile rings I would expect his name to be displayed. Every now and then I look around when am out hopping that he would be there somewhere around. Been to place where we spent time together hopping that he would also feel the same. Reading mails hopping I would receive one… yes, I’ll WAIT … let me be fooled yet I’ll WAIT.

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