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This is the story on how I lost my virginity to my mum

Hi. I am Jake. This is the story on how I lost my virginity to my mum.

My mum is thirty-one she gave birth to me when she was 16, so that makes me 15. Anyway because of that she has never been able to find anyone to start a relationship with because of me. So, I feel really guilty, especially since I masturbate to her every night because even though she has given birth she is really fit and beautiful.

I’ve been offered one-night stands with other girls, but I just want my mum to be my first. So, one day when I was watching tv I heard her moaning my name in her room, so I sneaked into her room and into her closet, and there she was masturbating and screaming my name. Then when she was about to orgasm I came and yelled, she looked into the closet and saw me.

I was so embarrassed and then she told me to stand up and explain myself, I don’t know why I did this, but I just cupped her beautiful face in my hands and kissed her, and to my surprise she started kissing back, then my erection grew and started poking her vagina. Then we made sweet beautiful love and she and I are now lovers. I dropped out of school to be her lover full time ad now we live in Perth, Australia and are engaged to be married. I’m 22 and she 37 and still as beautiful as ever.


  1. I was 18yoa at the time. My adopted parents got a divorce and I was living with my adopted mom and siblings. My adopted mom was 38yoa at the time. One evening around bed time, my younger brother comes into our bedroom that we shared and said that our mom was lonely. I told him that we could go and climb into bed with her, with him sleeping on side of her and me on the other. I wasn’t thinking anything sexual. I was just trying to be a good son and loving brother. As we climbed into bed with my adopted mother, my brother climbed in on one side of our mom as I climbed into bed on opposite side as suggested. I placed my right arm over my adopted mom’s waist as she lay facing away from me. A few hours after falling asleep, I was awakened with my adopted mom kissing me. We were locked mouth to mouth with our tongues intertwined in each other’s mouths and saliva flowing between our mouths. We kissed for a few minutes before she rolled back over and went to sleep. I continued to keep my right arm draped over her waist, and I also fell back to sleep. The next night my younger brother and I went back to slepp with our mom. Again after having my right arm draped over her waist and falling asleep, I was awakened again with my mom’s tongue buried deep inside my mouth. We were French kissing like crazy. After a few minutes of kissing, my adopted mom whispered in my ear for me to go to my room and that she would be in there when my brother fell asleep. I got up and went to my bedroom and anxiously awaited for my mom to arrive. I was still a virgin at this time and was not sure what was about to happen. It seemed like a lifetime before my bedroom door opened and my adopted mom walked into my room and walked over to my bed. She climbed on top of me and straddled me. I made a suddle movement which caused her to move from the top of me to lying on her back underneath me. We began to kiss passionately as if I couldn’t get enough of her. She reached down and pulled her panties off and then placed her left hand down inside my briefs waistband and guided my hard cock towards the entrance of her awaiting wet love tunnel. I made a good five to six strokes before unloading my seed deep inside my adopted mom’s pussy. She asked me if this was my first time, and I told her yes. She told me to just relax for about ten minutes. We kissed and held each other tight, until I was hard again. We made love again until I filled her up again with my cum. After we were both spent, mom whispered in my ear that I had held her more in the last two nights then she’ been held in the last two years by my adopted dad. Mom told me that some day I’d make some woman a great lover. I asked her why, and she told me that because I was gentle with a woman. Mom told me that I couldn’t tell anyone and that this was our little secret. Mom got up and went back to her bedroom where my younger brother was still sleeping. I got up the next day and went to work. That evening when I got home, mom and I acted as nothing had happened between us. We acted like a normal mom and son should. That night at bedtime, I went to sleep in my own bed. My younger brother went to sleep with our mom again. I don’t know what time it was, but my brother must have been asleep, because my bedroom door opened and my mom came and crawled into bed with me. We made love twice that night before she got up and went back to her room. Mom did tell me prior to leaving that if I saw a small spot of blood on my sheets, not to worry as she was about to start her period. I just said ok, and went to sleep. The next night my younger brother slept in our room and I went and climbed into bed with my mom. She told me that she couldn’t tonight because she could get pregnant, so she reached over pulled down my briefs and jacked me off. I reached my hand into her panties and put my middle finger in her pussy while she was jacking me off. After I came all over me and her hand, we fell asleep. We didn’t do anything for about a week or so until she knew she wouldn’t get pregnant, and then we made love in her bed where I filled her with my cum three different times that night. A few days later, I was injured at work to where I broke my knee and ended up in the hospital. While in the hospital, lots of folks from our small community came to visit me and my mom who stayed with me the entire time I was in the hospital. One of our visitors was a divorced man with three daughters who had a job in the off shore drilling industry. Well long story short, he and my adopted mom hooked up and that ended our little mom/son insest affair. My adopted mom ended up dying in a house fire after being married to her new husband after just a few years. I will always think that he killed her due to financial issues, but couldn’t prove it. I have been happily married for nearly 30 years now with three beautiful children. I love my wife and wouldn’t trade her for the world. I do think about my adopted mom sometimes and our short love affair that we had. I know that it happened at a time when she was lonely and needed someone, and I was a young horny teenager longing to poke a hole. I wouldn’t trade that moment nor the experience gained from it for anything. All of the events are true and did happen. Anyways, just thought I’d share my story.


  2. I was 11 mom 31, dad and my 15-year-old sister died in a car accident. I heard mom crying in hers and dad’s bed. I’m a Jr. I got out of bed and walk to the bedroom. I got into bed naked with my nude mom. She took hold of my cock. I got hard.
    “Fuck me honey.”
    I was nervous.
    But I mounted her and fucked her I brought her to several orgasms before I came, I was still hard, I orgasmed 3 times that night.
    In the morning she screamed, “OH MY GOD!”
    I kissed her and mounted her again.
    “Yes, honey.”
    We got out of bed after I came.
    Over breakfast mom told me my sister was pregnant with dad’s baby.
    I asked, “Are you ovulating?”
    We’ll be able to pass it off as his.”
    “Yes honey.”
    “How did you meet dad?”
    “He was my brother.”
    My grandparents must have been supportive?
    “Yes they are siblings.”
    She gave birth to a girl who looked like my sister when she was baby.
    We then moved away, we had a kid every 4 years, when I turned 18, I started to where dad’s ring.
    Mom died when our eldest turned 18.
    Daddy, can I sleep with you?”
    “Yes honey.”
    She grabbed my cock, “Daddy please?”
    (She was a virgin).
    [A month later she was pregnant].
    I told her the truth.
    “I already knew that.”
    “Did mom tell you?”
    “Yes, she wants me to be your wife now.”
    I put mom’s ring on her finger.
    I then took everyone over to my grandparents.
    I told them.
    “We already knew that, except for you and your daughter.
    Our minor kids were told.
    They were all cool with it, they became lovers as well.

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