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I wish that I had a mother to turn to

Since I was 7 my mother left me. I want to confess a deep, dark secret. I grew up without knowing what it feels like to have a loving mother.

I wish that I had a mother to turn to, to talk to, to share things with, to offer advice, or to be with me through difficult times. When I am in pain, it’s mothering that I want. I want to be held close and soothed by a mother. I know that there is that inner child part of me, I’m still in search for her just because I’m in my 40’s I never stop searching.

I wish that there was someone who would step into that role in my life and be someone who is like a mother. I am not ashamed about many things, but I do have shame around this issue. It’s not something I share openly If you’re out there can we talk get to know each other even what do you say and thank you for reading


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