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Hi everyone, my name Is Joe. It’s not my real name, I am afraid to show up.

Here I am Going to tell you all about MY life. So, I am 19 years old, in less than 3 months I will be 20. I Am an Asian. I am a very funny and entertaining guy. My height is like 5:5 or 5:6 inches, I don’t accurate.

I am in 12th stD. Hahaha hahha, I know it’s not funny. But the fun fact is I am in 12th since 2 years and it’s my Third year. Yeah, I am a loser I know. I don’t know how to write a story, I am writing first time so please, sorry for that. I have been in 12th for 2 years, and after 2 months I am having my exams again, but still I am not studying. Coz I don’t want to study.

That’s right, every time I try to concentrate I can’t. I don’t know really what to do. It’s like I am a burden. My parents are saying to earn money and leave if I can’t do. But still I don’t even know how to earn money. Yeah, I know I am useless. I smoke cigarettes, drink wine, even sometimes Marijuana.

I dreamt big a lot big. I used to think that I will be famous one day, lots of people will chant my name. I will have luxury cars, brands. I will be everywhere. Just like a dream right. When I was like 17 I dreamt to become a singer, but people used to make fun of me said my voice is hoarse and heavy. I can’t sing in my entire life. So, I increased my cigarettes intakes. Because I feel I won’t ever become a singer. I even tried vocal classes for like 10 days, but I left coz I was afraid what if anyone finds out, friends family I quit that dream.

I still regret that whenever I hear anyone singing or a good song. I can’t quit smoking now, I don’t want to quit. I know all the harmful effects of it, but I don’t want to. It’s like I am liability on my family. I don’t want to live like a burden. I don’t know what to do in my life really.

I want to do something. But I am lost, there is no one to guide me. I won’t ever think about suicide, but I still get a feeling to run away. But I am afraid of the consequences. I’m a coward, I have lost confidence, hope. I don’t know really what I am doing with my life, just wasting my time, and wasting money of my family.

I am always busy with friends or social media or gaming or movies. I don’t know really what am I doing. I am destroying myself each day, I don’t want to, I am stuck at life. C’mon man I want to achieve goals. But I am lost, and I’m really lost my way of life.

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