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I can’t choose between my friends or my boyfriend and this makes me want to die

Hello every my name is Rs. I won’t to share my feelings with you. My life is not nice. I think I want to die. Why means I tell you what the reason I am die.

I have a boyfriend in my school and I love him so so so so much in the world, but my friend they will not like her. I don’t know why but I will tock him means they will be a jealous and they will tell you want to choose me or you bf. I can’t do that.

I want to also but they not understand, what can I do? I don’t understand. I love my boyfriend also and my friend also. Please help me. I can’t choose one that the reason I want to die


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  1. Hey. always choose your boyfriend. if your friends want to to choose between him/her to them, they’re not real friends and you shouldn’t be around them.
    if you love your bf/gf and he/she loves you back, stay with him/her.
    you dont need to care whats your friends think, if your friends don’t accept you when you with your beloved bf/gf, they are bad friends and you should not be around them. just don’t care about them, and stay with who you love! 🙂
    that’s the right thing to do!.

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