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My best friend and boyfriend keep have sex

I think about killing myself. A LOT. I think if I kill myself… everyone would be better off. You know the feeling when you feel like you don’t matter or you’re unless. I get that feeling when I wake up and I feel empty.

My family is being not the best people in the world and my sisters act like I’m an outcast… I find it hard to live when no one cares if I do. My best friend does but it’s hard to know if she is fake or not because I would call someone who sleeps with your boyfriend…FAKE…Yes, my best friend that I have known since for ages slept with my boyfriend.

The thing is my best friend and boyfriend keep have sex and think I don’t know or notice but when I saw my best friend in that room moaning MY BOYFRIENDS name I ran home and sobbed, yelled, and prayed.

I miss my simple year… the ones were I could just kiss my boyfriend and he was fine and didn’t want anymore.

I got the idea of killing myself when I walked in on them… my boyfriend’s dick in my best friend who has told me a thousand and one times if I lose mine…than I’M a slut well guess what we found out who is a slut… huh?

I think my boyfriend wants to tell me because we have been dating for 3 years but she told him that if he tells me she’s not going to have sex with him anymore what he does not know is I was going to have sex with him


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  1. im sorry for you dont kill yourself it will get better God loves you and so do I

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