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The girl name Sarah


Hey, my name is John I’m 26 years old live in small town call Palmerston Ontario, I would like to share you my story about my greatest fear and nightmare girl name Sarah who is 24 years old single mother live 2 mins outside of Palmerston with 2 kids two different fathers.


On Sept 7 college atarted taking my first year going though as a police officer, when class start I was first one to be there I got to meet the teacher sit at my desk. I waited for other classmates come through the doors. First 5 mins about 3 to 5 people walk through the door come to class then Sarah came through the door! Girl that I went to high school with. She didn’t really speak to people in high school only ones who smoke and did weed. She was about walk pass my desk! I wave at her saying Hey! Your Sarah we use to same high school. Sarah look at me with shock. She replies saying yes, I kind a remember you, I use see you on the newspaper when you did martial arts tournament and also gym class. She took the desk right beside me and we started get to know each little bit more. 3 weeks after we started going out for lunch at Tim Horton’s and talking on Facebook. When first week October hit then the Nightmare started.

Sarah behaviour

On Tuesday morning going to class waiting at my desk, Sarah came in looking at her phone texting during class, after class over I told Sarah you should put away your phone during class, she replies I was helping her male friend who dealing with his girlfriend, I just say ok best of luck. Then Thursday came, and Sarah didn’t come to class. I send her message on Facebook saying how’s it going you’re not in class? Sarah replies she was driving her other male friend to court to divorce his wife. That she knew both them for years. I ask her why doesn’t take his own car? She says he doesn’t have his driver’s license, then 2 weeks later Sarah hardly came to class then start coming.

When I was at home I send Sarah message again saying where have you been, you haven’t been showing to class and you know your supposed to be there! I got message later from her explaining why she hasn’t been showing up, saying she was helping third male friend because his girlfriend kicks him out. Also he didn’t have a car to drive or no job.

I comment telling her, I feel like this guy and others are using you and making you miss class, OUT OF NO WERE! She started getting mad telling me you don’t my friends stop bashing them. Guy who got kick out girlfriend house, Sarah started dating him going those my mind was is someone dating person who doesn’t have car and also don’t have a job?

During last week October during reading week, I was at my favourite comic book store to play magic the gathering, so odd ball person says to me hey I seen you with Sarah are you dating her, I quickly reply to him saying no I’m not dating her how do you know her. He started telling me his story how he was engaged to her and one day he came house from work on night shift and all her stuff was gone! He also says he found out that she was sleeping with his best friend at the time and she was 3 months pregnant with some guys back in 2014 and she was also mental crazy. I just told guy that’s your story, after that day was done and November Sarah started coming back to class but she wasn’t the same person I met when we first met in class,

Unstable life of Sarah

I started asking Sarah about her past because she was open about stuff, she told me that she had 4-year-old son and almost 2-year daughter, that back in 2013 went into a dark place where she uses to life on the street or homeless shelters, also she went to Homewood because she say about being mental unstable. I started thinking to myself saying oh god I hope she was joking, But I was very wrong.

There were different times talking to Sarah in November, she started getting mad at me on Facebook for no reason telling me I’m digging in her past, I remember there was sometime her and I hug back in September.

At the end of November she told me her son’s dad wanted her, starting paying him money because he takes fulltime care of her son. I try find more detail about this story and every time she came to his place see her son, he would keep watch out her, force her to kiss her and grabbing her ass.

I told her what did you do when he forces on her. She starting yelling saying I’m digging into her life, she one told me this story and I just ask question. She told me same thing while back she was unstable… I had stop talking to her thinking saying oh my god I really wish I never met her… I started feeling the fear about her walking around my apartment why is this happening, but now I think I have plan do something in December…

to be continued

This story base half true story but girl isn’t name Sarah and got isn’t john it’s me I won’t give out my real name

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