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Mum won’t let me celebrate my 18th how I want to

I don’t know how to spend my 18th birthday. When I get excited about it (IT’S 18TH) or wonder what to do, mum just gives the idea of celebrating it like all of the others. Get a small cake and cut it with her and my annoying brother.

I have money that I earned myself, but I can’t spend it without her permission. I wanted to go to the city and try out a Japanese restaurant, but she doesn’t want to try anything new, saying what if we don’t like it.

I wanted to maybe go to a party with my friends somewhere cause my home is way too small, she’s like wastage of money. Now, I just want to go away, away just by myself somewhere on my birthday. I don’t want to make anyone happy on my birthday but just me.


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  1. I know how you feel and how much it hurts when you want something but your mom doesn’t let you..BE STRONG

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