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When you started to become my first love

Okay so… I don’t know how to start this. I don’t know the exact moment, meaning the day or time in which you started to become my first love, but I do know the year, 5th grade.

Wow I felt that I was pretty young and oblivious back then, to experience my first love, it just felt too early, but I did. Maybe it started the moment that I enjoyed making you smile 🙂 or when I use to slightly bully you in 4th grade by socking you in the arm and kicking you under the table *laughing* and when I did hit you, you would sock or kick me right back.

Or maybe it was when, I used to make fun of you because you use to look like a monkey in all your school pictures *chuckling* … The moment I finally figured out this feeling I was shocked, confused, slightly angry, but also relived and scared, relieved that I finally figured it out. But I also had to hide it and I still do hide it, I can count the number of people who know in one hand.

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