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Imagine being taunted for something you hold dear

So, I’m in middle school and a group of people made me really upset so I thought I’d get a second opinion on if I’ve got a right to be upset.

So, some time ago I was watching an anime, but my parents banned me from all internet sources before I managed to finish the last episode. I knew no one from my all-boy school watched anime and I had checked in advance. So, I decided to message the people from an all-girl school who I used to be in contact with via a joint group chat.

Only one out of the three girls I asked gave me an answer and none of them decided to search up the ending anyway even though I requested (I did this for people from my school as well, but they just made fun of me for being a sad excuse of a human).

Following on (after I got my answer) it turned out everyone in my class knew via those 2/3 girls so now I’m being called a paedophile. Later, on my birthday, my friend thought it was nice to add me to the chat with the people from the other school in. I left a few moments later because I was apparently trying to ‘link’ with them and they thought it was a good excuse to call me a paedophile as well.

I know some people may find this silly, but anime is extremely important to me and people like me around the world. Me, in particular, because I feel happy when watching the hero from an anime that everyone likes, and everyone looks up to. Sometimes I wish it was me being appreciated for once. In addition, imagine being taunted for something you hold dear, then people constantly taunting you for it repeatedly. I hope someone out there understands.

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