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I felt something wasn’t right

Today I saw a baby at Macys in Daly city, who seemed lost and was headed towards escalators. Luckily, I called one of the associates and have her reported lost.

When the associate was about to call security this crazy lady with pink hair came and snatched the baby from employee. I felt something wasn’t right, I kind of ignored it and started walking towards the exit, and my inner feeling told me that I should probably talk to the manager and make sure if it is her baby for sure.

That’s what I did I told one of the associate to call the manager for me, so I can explain her the situation. I did talk to the manager and she did verify that it was hers. God knows what would have happened with that little girl if she would have stepped on that escalator or been kidnapped.

The behaviour from her mom kind of still bugs me. Why would she snatch the baby? And why would she would be so hurried to walk out of Macys as soon she snatched the baby. Well I’m just sharing it with you since I can’t with anyone else. Made me realize how much I love my nieces and nephews.

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