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It’s been whirlwind of heartbroken and bitterness for me

The past few weeks have been feeling awful for me. My recent ex broke up with me while we were on a break he wanted. It’s been whirlwind of heartbroken and bitterness for me. The whole time he was poly, dating someone else who treats him badly. While he was getting closer to his other partner he continued to neglect me and ignore my feelings about issues.

He says nothing has changed between us and doesn’t want to lose me. He doesn’t understand he broke my heart and I feel like I wasn’t enough. We were in love, I am in love. It was weeks coming back to me and saying he is love with me while the week next during our break, he said he was in love with this other guy.

He’s told me the same things he said to me how he’s never fallen in love before and I’m sure he says it to the other guy. I’m hurt and heartbroken and the only thing I can do is be distant, but he doesn’t seem to care about my feelings at all. I feel like I have no right to feel like this and if I put him through what he put me, he would have hated me.

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