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I love my classmate.

So, I’m in love with my classmate, he is adorable cute and loving and I enjoy his company so much, I couldn’t help but fall for him. I started getting jealous of our classmates and wanted him to be with me only but since I just got out of a 5 years toxic relationship I wasn’t ready, so I kept it inside.

Every day I would hide and cry because I couldn’t take it, him talking to others touching him it was hell then he started liking me as well and wanting me to notice him and only him just like a baby then he got all jealous and started fighting with me.

Two days ago he got all depressed and left us without saying anything we all searched for him but I started crying and couldn’t do anything when we found him I knew I was the main cause of his tears so it hurt me more, I again left and cried but he thought that I gave up on him but the truth is I loved him so much and seeing him like that broke my heart then he confessed to me telling me he loved me but since I am not ready yet he chose to leave I couldn’t tell him that I want him but I am too damaged on many levels. I don’t want him to go yet I don’t know what to do …

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