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My mom gave me her panties to jack off into

When I was thirteen, I took a pair of my mom’s panties and used them to rub on my dick while I jacked off.

One night, I put them on and while laying on my stomach, I pretended I was on top of a girl fucking her. A pillow was under my chest and I humped the mattress, making sure I didn’t cum in the panties.

About two minutes into humping, my mom came in to ask me about my lunch for school the next day. I was mortified. There I am, sitting up in the bed with her panties on and with a hard on inside them. Mom stood there for about fifteen seconds, walked over to the side of the bed, and sat down. Without saying anything, she started rubbing my dick on the outside on the panties. She got faster and faster until I shot my load all over myself inside the panties, which then soaked through to the outside.

Mom stood up and told me to put them in the hamper to be washed and walked out.

The next day when I came home from school, my clean clothes were on the bed, folded and on top of my underwear were three pairs of my mom’s panties.

She never said a word to this day, but I jacked off and shot cum in those panties for a long time, always putting them in the hamper and having clean ones to cum in or on whenever I needed them.


  1. I know this woman who wanted to fuck me for years. She called me one day for coffee and i agreed to meet her. She was manic and got super horny while in one of her “upswings” and she tells me this over coffee. I confessed my panty fetish to her and i asked what she was wearing for panties. She told me and i said i want them. Go to the bathroom and take them off and bring them to me. Well much to my surprise she actually did!! She put them in a little to go bag and handed them to me. She complained her jeans were uncomfortable with no panties on but she was going right home. I have no interest in screwing this woman but ill take her panties. I haven’t been able to convince her to do it again but it was sure an exciting experience.

  2. You had a great understanding mother, who sensed you were growing up, and needed to explore things like this. She realized how helpful she could be; she did not punish you for being curious. There are many mothers who would would punish their child for actions like this.

  3. I sure wish that I could meet a ( “horny” lady ) willing to offer up,…give up her panties to me, that I could take them and rub my hard “cock” all over ,.. “jerking-off” to “masterbate” and shoot my “cum” all over and also into where her precious wet “pussy” once was !

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