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I feel so lonely right now.

I feel so lonely right now. Next week is my final exam yet I am still laying on my bed, typing this words to you. How I am going to survived for my future. Please tell me this is not the end of my life. I’m sure you guys know how it feels before exam. All I think, why I study because I want my parents proud. Do you think I can do it? I hope someone can give me any advice what should I do?


  1. I can suure this is a passing dark cloud , i definitely had this kind of @pre exam depression ” or whatever it’s called , but it will go away as soon as you finish , this feeling is caused by overthinking and tiredness , it will go away once you relax . And believe me once you get this over with and look back to it it would feel so tiny and irrevalent . Wait and see things will get better when you ´re not stressed anymore ! And think about all the activities you want to do to have fun once you ´re done with exams . Good luck 🙂

  2. Just do your best, everything else will fall in to place, and if the outcome is not as great as you expected, that’s ok too, try again. Your parents love you no matter what. Good luck.

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