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Mom let me breastfeed from her when I was 10 and I came

When I was about ten years old, and I wasn’t feeling well, my mom offered to breastfeed me. She said it would make me feel better. The first time, I said no and laughed. I thought she was fooling. She came back to my room a while later and took her top off in front of me. She asked me again and said that is why babies do not get sick. I just stared at her breasts. I was so embarrassed. I slowly nodded my head and said I would try it. She told me to lie down as being breastfed would probably make me go to sleep. She lie down beside me and put one hand around my head. She slowly brought my mouth to a nipple and told me not to be shy.

She told me to open my mouth a bit. I remember feeling her nipple slowly slide into my mouth. It was so warm and soft. She told me to suck gently. At first, I was too embarrassed because I feel my penis getting hard. Finally, I did. It took a few sucks but it felt good when her milk started squirting inside my mouth. It was so relaxing. I could feel myself getting a big erection. I couldn’t stop it. I pretended nothing was wrong. After a while, I didn’t think I could hold it much longer. I moaned a bit and put my hand over my crotch. She laughed and said it was okay. She kept breastfeeding me like a child. I was getting a lot of milk.

She reached over, grabbed a couple of tissues, and gave them to me. I reached inside my pajamas and cupped them over my penis. About a minute later, I couldn’t help it. I had to let it go. I ejaculated into the tissues and gave a big embarrassing groan. She didn’t say anything. After that, I don’t remember much.

I woke up in a few hours and looked inside my pajama bottoms. The tissues were gone and I was all cleaned up. After drinking all my mom’s breast milk and ejaculating, I must have fallen fast asleep. My mom walked in a asked if I was feeling better. I said that I was. I blushed and thanked her. She smiled and told me that she expected me to ‘squirt’ but she thought I might have been too embarrassed and not wanted to be breastfed. Whenever I got breastfed, in the future, she would bring in a small plastic bag lined with tissues. It made things easier to clean up.


  1. Nice, my mom used to lube my skin because it was tight and i always blew my load to her hands after some gentle jerks

  2. My mom still lets me suck her nipples and I jack off while sucking on her. She is 60 yrs old and I’m 41 years old

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