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My School experience in the United States

My School experience in the United States.

From the time I moved here up until now, School has been one of the biggest down sides about my entire experience here. I’ve found out that schools in the USA are heavily and strictly regulated by non-objective organization whom are driven by their motives to increase their profits and don’t pay attention to the learning curve or the level of education provided for the students. Learning has changed some much since the 90’s. Learning should no more be based on a test score, instead should be on hands on projects that require the student to engage both physically and mentally to build something of their own that makes them feel unique and accomplished and help them find their passion.

Furthermore, I would raise a dispute that teachers aren’t getting paid the fair amount of money they deserve for their well doing in building our future society and I would also go further and say that we need to pick the people who are going to teach and proper our kids for life very carefully.

One of the biggest compiling problems I’ve noticed that most schools in the United State lack guidelines. Schools are strongly at fault for assisting students all the time and not giving students a chance to think and shift the wheel for once, so what we need to do is set students on the right path and let them swim, eventually they will reach the end and they will come out stronger. Ultimately this is how we all learn best, by doing. One last piece I would like to add before I close, is each and every one of us have a big responsibility and if we all did our job well this universe will have some much-needed peace.

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