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Please help me guys what should I do?

For almost two years now I´ve been crushing on my online friend´s brother. Okay I know it sounds weird, it´s true, I´ve been having feelings for a guy I never met or talked to in real life or even on the net.

But here is the thing, see this guy seems really friendly and he has many common interests with me and he seems nice. I really want to get to know him and talk to him.

Now I´m usually the easy going type, whenever I like someone I go talk to them directly but I had some bad experiences a few years ago and now I am scared to make any first move, but I really want to get to know this guy but what would his sibling (my internet friend) think if I do so? Please help me guys what should I do?


  1. Its okay ive been through this. Just ask ur friend what his gmail or instagram or whatever so u can talk to him. after a while of talking to him and her just tell ur friend dont freak out lol but i might have a crush on ur brother dont tell him pls. then give a few hints to him like ur cute u know that and if he doesnt get it ask him advice like hey i need advice i realy like this guy but its complicated should i tell him i like him what should i do ur a guy help me out
    then make the reveal

  2. If you’re a closed friend of your internet friend, he will understand you. Tell him if you can be friends with his brother. Just be friends first and know the real personality of that person. I advise dont gwt to attached to the person if ur not yet sure if he’s the one So in the end you will have nothing to regret for. 🙂

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