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I wish I could say that you were a bad person

I wish I could say that you were a bad person, I wish I could write about your bad characteristics, traits, and personality. I wish I could describe all the ways that you fucked me up, but I cannot do that.

Because you are probably one of the most genuine people I have ever met. You have this beautiful soul, that can brighten my day even in the worst of times. A smile that can make my knees go weak, despite having bad teeth and a laugh that is music to my ears.

I shared with you more than I have shared with anyone else, more than I probably should have shared, and I did it because I trusted you, something about you just made me want to open up to you, tell you all about my dreams, nightmares, past, present, and future.

I want to blame you in some way, for making me have feelings for you, for getting me attached, but by doing that I would just be blaming you for being the amazing person that you are, and well I cannot do that. Can I?

The only person I can blame is myself, for falling for you, for picking a guy that I had no chance with, for ignoring the times you talked about the girl you like and telling myself that ‘’ it’s just a phase’’, and for hoping that after you get over this girl, you would choose me.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case as I am writing this while listening to you going on and on about how the girl that you are sure you love, has now confessed her feelings to you, but I guess there is an advantage for that; because now I can blame you.

For being totally clueless.

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  1. wow, just wow. I can relate more than I want too admit actually; the whole thing about thinking its just a phase. I’ve been there so many times. And I know saying “it will be fine, you will find your soulmate”, that won’t help now. But I guess universe has another plan for you and for us all when things don’t turn out that way we want them too. At least I want you to know that I have hope for you 🙂

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