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My life is breaking apart due to my mother.

Hey. My Name is Luca. I am nineteen. I kind of have a mother-issue and today is the day my whole life is starting to break apart. Because of my mother.

When I was a child she often failed to provide food and electricity for us. But I was okay with it. I loved my mommy. When the police called because she managed to get in huge dept again, I told them she wasn’t home. When she needed money, I went to her friend’s and borrowed some for her. When my father – at who’s I was living the other half of the week talked about her badly, I defended her. I accepted her taking drugs. I accepted her enormously heavy mood swings and learned to react to them. And I lend her some money now and then. And when she asked me for a place to live in, I told her: “You know what. When I am moving to another city, you can stay at my flat. I will inform my housekeeper and you pay the rent.”

She swore to me that I would not have to worry about anything related to finances. She lied. 2 Days before new year I realized I couldn’t use my bank account anymore. When I called at my bank I was told I am in great dept and all my money belongs to the man I owe that money to. My mother managed to not tell me a word of her having a clean-out-procedure (when you are forced to move out), and because she can’t pay the costs of this law-suit, I shall. I am a student at a University in another town far away. I can’t access the money on my bank account. I am still a customer of the bank in my old hometown, but I can’t go there without money. I live in Germany, between.

Because of my bank being in my hometown, I can’t even open a seizure free bank account. I can’t pay my flat. My family and father can’t pay the dept. My mother read my messages and shut down her phone. I could sit on the street in about three weeks and my exams are starting in three weeks.

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