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Dear friend. I love the way you talk a…

Dear friend.

I love the way you talk about stuff you love, that makes you passionate.

I love art you are making.

I love the way you talk about your friends and family, the way you share stories.

I love that you are so natural, and nothing, absolutely nothing is fake about you.

I love how calm, but also emotional you are.

I love the way you treat your stuff, your inclination for perfection

I love your whiny and childish character

I love when you disconnect from the world when you are working on something

I love your crafts

I love how you care about people around you, how you care about me, even though you won’t admit it

I love your flaws

Your selfishness, your skinflint nature.

I love that you are everything I am not.

Attentive, friendly, bright, positive, communicable

I love so many things about you, I can’t even tell

You are my hero. You are my friend. I don’t want to lose you, please don’t leave me.

I’m sorry for the feelings I have

I’m sorry how much of a coward I’m to hide them

I’m sorry, I could not help it. But I fell for you.

Please don’t leave me. Be by my side as much as you can.

I’m sorry I ruined our friendship, I never wanted it to be like this.

I’m sorry I’m rude sometimes

I’m sorry I fell for you

I’m sorry for this letter

I’m sorry for me being such a pussy

Please, don’t leave me alone. I’m cold and scared.

I love you.

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