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My little brother verbally abuses me

Dear whoever is reading,

I have what is called a toxic little brother. I’m sixteen and little brother is thirteen. He verbally abuses me and calls me horrific names. I can’t deal with it. He is so hard to talk to. He ends lashing out and cussing at me. I am afraid that I can’t do anything or else he will start to hit. The hitting has stopped for a while, but I’m scared that it will happen again.

PLEASE HELP ME. Tips, suggestions, I DON’T CARE just please. He CAN be nice because I’ve seen it, but he changes so quickly.


  1. Tell all this to a trusted adult or your parents, they would surely help you out.

  2. Stop being a pussy and stand up for yourself…IF things get complicated involve your parents. If he is mentally challeneged give him a break. IF you need any more help snap me at bvby.twiga

  3. Talk to him…maybe he is depressed and thats why he acts like that

  4. I know how you feel. My brother and I have the exact same relationship although we’re each one year older than you and your brother. I’ve tried telling my parents and they acknowledge it to some extent but he doesn’t act the same towards me when we’re around them so they don’t fully get it. He’s also got ADHD so they give him some slack…
    When he starts getting verbally abusive I try and record it on my phone to show my parents later and to make sure that he doesn’t try and twist the story. To avoid anything getting physical I try not to engage with him much and just try to ignore him the best I can to keep him placated.
    Hope this helps, and I wish you all the best.

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