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Life is just like the wave on the ocean

Good day to you and myself.

Life is just like the wave on the ocean.

As a normal human being sometimes you can be super-duper excited about small and not important thing. But sometime even a small thing can make you cry like a small baby.

I guess because a human is always full with emotion. Whatever it is I always try to live my life with full positivity. I still remember this one quote that I have heard a few years ago. We are the one that build walls around us. We are the one that stop our self from doing that thing we always wanted to do because we tend to afraid of another people perception about us. Until we forget that actually we supposed to believe in our self. Forget about what other people want to say about us and keep on loving yourself.

Just sharing my thoughts.

PS: Sorry for my English, I am still in the process of learning. After all life is a journey of learning.


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