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I realized how horny my sister was

I am a 14-year-old male (weighing 69 kg). One day, I was in my room, shirtless and wearing shorts and underwear, lying in bed. I live with my younger sister and we go to school but today was Sunday and our parents are never home.

So, when I was lying in bed, my red briefs were visible. My sister came and wedgied me. I moaned. She pulled down my shorts and slapped my ass. I pulled back my shorts up and laughed.

She asked me why wasn’t I wearing my shirt and that my butt crack is showing. I told her it is too hot, and I didn’t care. She asked if we could play Minecraft and I said no. So, she gave me a frontal wedgie which literally hurt my balls. She then said hush puppies brand? I realized she was talking about my briefs. I said yea. She later said whether we could go swimming. I said yea sure. I live in a city in a condo so there is a swimming pool in the condo.

So, I wore another underwear and my trunks (I have to wear my underwear under my trunks cuz my trunks are small and tight so if I don’t wear underwear my butt crack will show). So, you can tell anyone could see my underwear. I was wearing green trunks and brown briefs. So, I was downstairs in my condo.

Next to the pool there is a place to quickly shower. So, when I was taking a shower my sister snuck behind and gave me a wedgie. Everyone kind of saw but I didn’t mind and just said ouch. After swimming, I came back and showered. After that I wore boxers (Alnold Parmer) but I wore briefs underneath as I can’t wear lose underwear (it’s not comfortable) but after 5 min I just took off my boxers and was in my house in my underwear. (I was wearing my red briefs) My sister saw me and asked why was I naked? I said it as too hot. So, she smiled, came into the room and gave me a frontal wedgie.

She went so high she saw my pubic hair on the bottom there. I shouted at here and said you don’t know how I feel getting wedgied in the balls. She just laughed. I said let’s go for a walk. It’s now 12 noon. She said sure. I got into my jeans, and undershirt. But before I could get into my shirt my sister came and gave me a massive wedgie. Then she gave me a Melvin. Then she went into a squeaky clean wedgie. After 1 min, she stopped. She grabbed my underwear leg holes, hold two of the leg holes together like a wedgie and started shaking it. That made my stomach and ass move. She then panted me and slapped my ass which had a wedgied underwear in it.

I realized how horny my sister was, but I ignored it, pulled up my jeans and wore my shirt. Then when we came home, it was 1pm. She told me whether she could do the backward wedgie on me. I thought for a while and said sure, I am bored too. I wore my red briefs the other way. So now my front was more covered than my back. My butt crack was noticeable, but it was my sister, so I didn’t mind. She wedgied me which I kind of enjoyed. She then just holds the wedgie and after a while shake it, so my ass starts to jiggle (I was only wearing my underwear). She did this all while staring at her phone on Facebook. After that, I wore back my shorts. I then went in front of my mirror, locked my door room, took of my pants and did the Harlem shake in the mirror. I saw my body shaking and my junk too which made me horny. Well then, the whole day I didn’t had a wedgie, so I hope you liked my story.


  1. Your sister is obsessed with wedgies!!! I think she needs to have a mental test done, this dint normal! Confront your parents

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