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Last month I was diagnosed with anorexia

I’m still quite young( sixteen) and I have had three broken bones, been to twelve different homes with different people, been to nine different schools, moved out of state, and back in state, and so much more.

I have been left by my mother, I have been left by my grandmother, and by my stepmother.

Right now, I live with my mom and dad again (hopefully they don’t breakup) and my birthday was last month, so was the death of my dog I got for my fifteenth birthday, we got kicked out of our home as well last month!

A few months before that I broke my ankle, and I still (to this day) have a broken ankle. Why, you ask?!? Because my parents don’t feel like taking me! I have been improving on my own, however it still hurts very bad when I walk, they don’t care. I no longer go to school because of this.

Last month I was diagnosed with anorexia!! I hadn’t known I was hurting myself so badly, I thought I was helping myself. But I am recovering thankfully!!

I’m just saying this because I really want to get it off my chest, the last person I told was my best friend, but she stopped talking to me. So, I’m sorry if this is boring and stupid…. 🙁

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