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I felt obligated to have sex with my boyfriend

When I was in my teens, I used to feel obligated to have sex with my boyfriend because I felt guilty.

Wherever he wanted, it did not matter. I hated myself for it.

He was manipulative, and I let him control me. Not anymore, I took back my freedom.


  1. if you liked it then it was not a big deal but if he was using you to get off or something then that was a pretty crappy guy
    but being a guy myself i think i myself would have done the same (have sex)
    if not told by the girl to otherwise
    maybe you should have talked to him about it

  2. Ugh makes me sick. You didn’t feel guilty, you felt something natural and innate telling you it’s what you needed to do. Now you’re stuck up and entitled. Know your purpose. You have holes between your legs for a reason.

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