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The story of me raping a girl

I opened the door, she was sitting on the bed wearing all white shrug, blouse, and a long skirt. Her fists clenched the sheets as she saw me, her body stiffened as she looked down.

I sat close to her touched her face so innocent, so beautiful. I kissed her pink lips as she trembled, she didn’t me kissed back.

My hands moved down and touched her breasts, ‘aah…” her shrill voice attempt to say something but stopped. I pulled her shrug down pushed hairs behind and kissed her neck, her shoulder, her body still stiff too scared to move. ‘No..’ she spoke in a soft voice as I opened the first button on her blouse, I didn’t stop temptation was high.

I kissed her cheek and kept unbuttoning her, ‘please…’ she pleaded in her soft, cracked voice but I didn’t stop, I couldn’t. I wrapped my arms around her and unhooked her bra, she tried to hold her bra, but I pulled it away.

She tried to cover her beautiful tits with her hands. I pulled her skirt down exposing her thin beautiful legs, I removed her panties. Finally, I got her naked, she was covering her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other, I tried pulling her arm gently, but she was holding tight. I wrapped my hand around her waist tightly and pulled her hairs back, I looked in her beautiful moist eyes, ‘move your hands’, I commanded, ‘please….’her voice cracked as she plead. ‘You know bad things happen when I get angry. Don’t make me mad, move your hands’, I said in a firm voice, tears rolled down her cheeks as she moved her hands revealing her the beautiful naked body.

I took a nice look at the most beautiful woman in the world, her perfectly round breasts, her tiny waist, her curvy hips how can someone be so beautiful. I touched her soft breast, she shivered and stiffened, I looked at her sobbing face, it looked so cute, so innocent.

I laid her down and removed my clothes, OH I was so hard looking at her naked body, she was perfect, the most beautiful woman in the world. I got above her, kissed her forehead, her wet eyes, her cheeks, her beautiful pink lips. I kissed her neck, I kissed her upper chest, I licked her soft pink nipple, kissed her nipple, and started sucking on her boobs, one by one kissing and sucking every inch of her amazing boobs (mine, all mine, you are finally mine).

I kissed every inch of her tiny waist, kissed her belly button, I kissed on her slightly exposed pussy that she was unable to hide between her tight legs. I tried to open her legs she kept closing them again and again, I got frustrated and I grabbed her waist pulled her close I slapped across her face, I never wanted to do that, but she got me mad.

I pulled her hand as she kept crying, I made her sit on my lap, I wrapped my hands around her breasts and started squeezing them hard, ‘aahhhh…’ she cried loud, ‘sssshhh….’ I shushed in her ears, ‘don’t shout’, I said as I gently massaged her breasts. I moved one right hand down and touched her pussy lips gently, it was the most amazing thing I have ever touched.

She tried closing her legs again, I pulled both of her legs up and started touching her pussy lips gently, ooohhh it felt so good. ‘N…o.. p.l…e…’, she said in a broken voice, I hardly got what she said but I didn’t care.

I started fingering her pussy, ‘ahhh…no..’, she trembled but I bet she liked it as she was starting to get wet, she was so moist down there. I pushed her back on bed and spread her legs apart taking a good look at her pussy, oh it was so beautiful, but she needed more stimulus to get wet.

I got down and licked her pussy it was yummy, I kept kissing and licking her pussy, ‘please…. don’t….’, she begged, but I didn’t stop, I couldn’t stop. I inserted my tongue inside her pussyhole, licking all the way in and out, her pussy was getting moist.

She was finally getting hot, but I wanted it quicker, I got up and inserted two fingers inside her pussy ‘AHHHHH….’, she screamed. I got above her and looked at her face as I fingered her rigorously, she looked away but kept screaming.

It was getting annoying, I don’t want her to scream, she was pretty wet by now. I just inserted my dick in her pussy and started pounding her. Her screams got louder,’nooo…no..n…oo..’, she kept yelling, it was so annoying. I covered her mouth to stop her screams, but she kept sobbing, why couldn’t she just enjoy it, I tried giving her all pleasures.

Her boobs kept bouncing as I fucked her harder and harder, it was amazing. I grabbed her waist and pulled her and kept fucking her hard, maybe it was too rough for her, her screams were getting worst, it got me so mad, I slapped her across the face, ‘SHUT UP’, I yelled but she kept screaming and crying.

I kept slapping her till she was silent, and I started pounding her again. I didn’t realize it until I was finished that she was not moving, her eyes were closed, I moved close to her face, moved hairs from her face and checked if she was breathing. ‘Phew…’, I sighed in relief, she was just unconscious, her face was red I don’t remember how many times I slapped her. ‘Hey… Open your eyes”, I whispered in her ears and kissed her neck, ‘open your eyes”, I said again, and I kissed her lips.

She was not awake yet, I held her shoulders and shook her rigorously, she moved a little, I bend over and kissed her again as she opened her eyes slowly. ‘It was amazing, you are amazing’, I whispered in her ears and I got up, got dressed, I took a nice look at her naked body one more time,’ I will be back for more’, I kissed her forehead and walked out.


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