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A Short Story About Unrequited Love

“I love you”, I whispered quietly as he slowly disappeared from my sight. There’s no way he could have heard that, but I’m kind of glad there wasn’t. He had a lesson to go to, and so did I. I stood there for a couple of seconds, that really felt like minutes, just watching him leave. Seeing his back getting smaller and smaller as he was walking away from me.

When I began walking, I didn’t notice my surroundings, didn’t hear a single sound, even though I was in a hallway filled with loud students. All the sounds were blocked out by his voice in my head. I was walking in slow motion, not wanting to get out of this trance he had put me in. Our conversation was playing over and over, my mind analysing every word, every movement, searching for a sign. Something, anything, that could show that he at least had a little interested in me.

“Being in love is one of the best feelings, according to scientists”, I said, then paused for a moment, before I continued reading. After I was done with my part of the text, my friend took over and read the last part, although I did not listen. I was just thinking that it was only true if the feeling is mutual, otherwise, being in love it is a fucking nightmare.

Not being able to concentrate sucks when you have schoolwork. I can’t really enjoy anything anymore. Going shopping with friends and always looking for him, hoping he was there. Although I knew that he lived so far away that I would probably never see him there, ever. Always thinking about him, wondering what he did this exact moment. Thinking that he is probably with his fiancé. That really kills my mood and people are starting to notice that.

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