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I feel I am having some sort of a mental disorder

Alright. sometimes I feel I am having some sort of a mental disorder. So, I had taken a few tests. Later, the results always say I have Post Trauma Stress Disorder. Well I am sorry, I have not had any physical abuse, or mental abuse, accidents, unexpected deaths of any kind so what is the incident that is the reason for the trauma?

Could it be love failure? Because I (still) love a girl who doesn’t love me back and I am stuck with that for 7 years. And I am only nineteen yet. I don’t know. I really have some kind of a problem. I cannot afford telling that to my parents because I know they wouldn’t believe me. I cannot tell this to anyone because I don’t trust anyone, and no one would believe me. What should I do?


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  1. its ok… first of all stop thinking that you have a problem…. you are all right.. you are just afraid of feelings… its just a girl… you have to understand nothing is stationary everything will move like a flowing river… build yourself step by step… try to do new and exciting things it could be a small one like organising your room or gardening.. try to learn different… you are your cure… its just a mental blockage… you are awesome amazing.. you will be fine… love yourself more… choose yourself

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