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Growing up, we are lead to believe in fantasies

Growing up, we are led to believe in fantasies and stories where the sun is always shining, ‘evil’ characters are punished, and everyone gets their happy ending. Now that we live in the real world, this is not always the case. Each of us has our own frustrations and for me it’s love and relationships. I thought the world of my first love and compromised a lot to the point that everything became toxic and I was just pitiful and sad. Once the strings have thankfully been cut after four years and my second and third relationships, which lasted one and three years consecutively, wasn’t the ‘one’ great relationship I hoped for the hope began to dwindle; where was the happy ending and beautiful relationship I was promised in the stories?

What if there is no one out there for me? Some of you might scoff and think that I’m one of ‘those’ people but try to entertain the thought for a minute. What if there’s no great love out there for us and we’re just tools or bridges to help other people find the ‘one’ for them? Such a noble thought but no one really wants to be alone or feel lonely.

It’s a sad thought for me, not being able to experience the little things that couples do; waking up in each other’s arms, experience the world with them right by your side and to allow yourself to trust someone so openly and willingly that they could see right through your soul. Ultimately, even with all the achievements that adorn your walls and the friends you’ve made along the way, it loses its meaning as you go home to an empty house without anyone to talk to. As I said, everyone has their own fear, and this is mine. At the end of the day, we’re just humans that can’t help but crave connections and relationships because it’s simply the way that we’re created.


  1. sometimes its true… love yourself.. because in the end.. the person you saw in mirror wil be with you..

  2. I love the way you wrote this, and I feel like you put in to words feelings that I have felt.
    And wow, what if you are right. What if some of us are only here as a bridge for others to find their true love. I completely understand what you are saying. I crave love. Its the one thing that I have no control over. I have my life together, I have a great job, my education, I take care of myself and my son. I volunteer as a teacher at church, and I volunteer in the community. I have everything in my life in order, but finding that one true love is what I crave for the most and desperately want so badly. But I can’t control that one, I can’t make it happen. What if it isn’t meant to happen for me.

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