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So it is better to leave the life instead of living

Hello my name is Sabeer. I live in India. I’m 26 year old guy doing my post graduation. We are five members in family.

My life and my story is little bit different. I feel that I’m an emotional fool. I’m a more attracted towards boys than girls, so I feel and I think I’m a gay. I want love and care but I didn’t get those things which I wanted from a guy. I loved and I got only hurt from it all. I’m done with my life it is just like no more. I can’t even say that I’m a gay I live in a society where a Gay is a crime and laughing. So it is better to leave the life instead of living.


  1. plzzzz dont do that… i know its difficult very diffcult…. everyone want love… but no one can give you.. you know yourself better love yourself then.. love what you do… love the entire being…. you are different and that is your beauty if people cant see that that their fault not yours… everyone have to die someday why are you in hurry.. you would not delay when your time will come…. life is a fight… fight for survival… dont give up please..

  2. There’s a very supportive LGBTQ+ community in Mumbai! Reach out to them, you won’t have to walk alone. Don’t give up, you’ll get through this.

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