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I was born with a disease that leaves most children unable to walk

I was born with a disease that leave most children unable to walk, most children unable to grow. The doctors performed an operation that left a scar on my back, but I started to grow. I’ve never had my father in my life, screw that, but my mother had to deal with everything alone. You can’t even possibly imagine the amount of doctors.

My biggest fear is that one day I would end up in a wheel chair unable to walk. Fear that one day I’ll end up like the thousands of kids I saw every day at the doctors. But it made me that much more grateful. You can’t understand how precious it is to be able to walk. To be able to run the open fields. To not be scared to be judged by your disability. To be able to choose what you are going to be in life unlike the kids with a disability that have their life all planned out for them. They shall always stay just that disabled kid, unable to earn a living and living off their parent’s pensions. Be grateful for your feet. Some of us aren’t as lucky.


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