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I am writing a love letter to myself

I am writing a love letter to myself. I wasn’t always confused in love. I had people enter my life to change me. It doesn’t matter how they changed me. What matters is I’m still here. I have a long story in love still. I would like to become a better writer about it.

There are many people who look at my words. We all have friends and people who look at us, it is up to us to discern who and what.

Basically, I seek a like-mind. I know she is out there and incredibly similar to me. Conscious and intelligent, but sometimes burdened by her own mind. We all can get that way, if we are open to the doors of perception.

In Seattle I will be seeking conscious writing for my life experiences. I have lived a lot of things, in my head, and in the outside. I know there is a woman, seeking companion ship, similar to me. I have seen a lot, in truths, and understandings.

I try to understand and improve myself, without reaching out too much, I am understanding, things that go on, and opened a lot with my mind. I know there is a woman out there similar to me.

So, in general, I seek for the guidance in keeping my vitality and strength. I remember an amazing woman in Peru. I know I can write about someone just like her. Someone to teach and guide one another. I can be an incredible seer, but sometimes burdened, by all my people, and relationships. I have no doubt there’s women, similar to all the amazing ones I’ve known.

I am in a new town. I’m learning, and still purifying. I know there’s the connections and people there. I am close to getting settled with another profession, with teaching and service in the past.

With this I seek to find someone who makes me even better. I am already getting the strength and mind up, after having some experiences to write and share with a companion about. With my vitality up, I can do a lot of things. This is what I sense in myself and other people. that we all have worlds to share

I have many notes and a notebook, it would be nice to see you.
So that’s some of it. Whatever age, I’ve lived a pretty magical and interesting life. I’ve done a lot with energy, self, and others. I’m sure if you’ve gotten this far, you have too. I know there’s lots of prophets and seers, in all walks of life.

I admire and honour, divine natures, in each being. Writing about my karma, my people, is my life’s task. along with furthering my knowledge.

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