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I’m the first person she trusted so much in her life

So about 6 months ago I started my life in new high-school and I met there a lot of new people only because there was this one girl that wanted me to spend the time with the rest of the class.

Firstly, I did not want something like that to be because I’m not used to be around many people.

But after a month she told me that I’m the first person she trusted so much in her life and stupid me decided to fall to this word. After that we decided to tell each other about everything and by that, I mean everything. But things started to be complicated as I met her childhood friend and he doesn’t seem to like me. In two months I learned that she was in love with him last year, but she gave up and after that he “felt” in love with her.

After she told me that I knew something must’ve happen in past. And I wasn’t wrong because not long after our conversation she started to act strangely, and I knew she was hiding something from me. I talked with her old friend which was in our class and he told me about rumour about them. It was basically about that she gave him a blow-job. I was so upset because I knew that I have fallen in love with her. I told her that I heard a rumour about her and she told me that I should not worry because it’s not true. It was a relief but the inner me knew that was a lie. After a week I decided to force her to tell me, so I told her that I know that she is lying to me even if we swear to each-other to tell about everything. She tried to explain it to me that she did not want me to hate her. And because I’m so dumb I felt for it. I really hate myself about that because I just tried to tell myself that this is okay and it’s nothing wrong. But then came the day she told me that she wants to try to ask him to go out. Back in my life I never had desire to kill somebody but after I heard what he did to trick her I just really wanted to just kill this guy. But then because I wanted her to be happy I did everything to make him go out with her. And it was my biggest mistake. If I didn’t help her to start this relationship nothing bad would happen. This guy lied to people that I was telling terrible things about them while I did not even know their names.

He did that because he was so jealous about me because she was giving me more attention than to him. So, after that my problems start to grow. I tried to explain to this people that this is misunderstanding but they did not even give a shit about me. I’m scared to walk around school or go back to home because I’m scared that they will eventually try and beat me up. But this isn’t everything. In past few days there was a rumour that some people got her nudes. I was so curious if that’s truth or lie because I couldn’t imagine her doing that… But I was totally wrong it was all true.

But from what I know she does not know about these pictures spreading through people and I know who did sent them to others. But I don’t know what to do because I don’t want to lose her but at the same time I hate her so much.

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