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Seeing blood on a floor, seeing a knife on the table

Even have the slightest little bit of light. Sending a message to the public, they never take a hint. No light, no light. I guess I’ll end up making my own, strengthen my own body and mind to help the world around me since mother told me to love myself and never put myself down.

Then they threaten me with saying they’d not want to live. Open your eyes, it all happened, seeing blood on a floor, seeing a knife on the table, seeing my father lay there on the floor. Would you traumatize your family that much? Put them through the pain I’m going through? DON’T EVEN LET THAT THOUGHT CROSS YOUR MIND.

All I can say is thanks, father left me with the last words being, all of life is a finger pointed to the moon. Now look at me, I’m writing some form of poetry to keep me calm. Huh, all I’m probably going to get is an Ok… Whatever. That’s fine. Scroll across, don’t even read. Maybe you should take a walk, get your mind off this silly game you play. Over and over, watching your phone or computer. Continuously finding new things to do. Getting your mind off the matrix isn’t as easy as you think it’d be. Now what do you do? No clue huh? Sit and think, maybe meditate a bit. Conquer your thoughts and don’t let them take over. Notice your breath, you’re living. you’re alive.

Will my words mean anything to you? I don’t even know who you are. But you’ve got the world in your hands. All you have to do is get out of this illusion. Quit being stuck in your everyday loop. You have the ability to change a person, then maybe the world may come sometime. Huh, go on with your life, don’t be phased. Been through a lot, yet that’s fine, I’m still living. That’s all that really matters.

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