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I am confused and dazed about what I have done

It was a rainy Sunday. I almost got wet and think of this day as unlucky. Then, my best friend called me and told me to come with her going to a party. I responded “Yes!” for I thought party could make me feel better. A while ago, she arrived to our meeting place and said, “Let’s just wait for someone. He will pick us here to their place.” I just nod a little. My thoughts were wandering and asking myself to relaxed. While we are waiting for someone, I made some chitchat with my friend and told her how I’m very disappointed today.

A moment later, after an hour of waiting, a white car stopped by in front of us and someone open the windows. ” I’m sorry for a long wait!.” I can’t move as I recognize his face. He is Daniel and guess what? We got a long story before and I don’t want to remember everything. The more I think about how we used to be in the past, the more I am hurting that we can’t be the same as it was. He isn’t an ex but I’ll treated him as special someone who also treated me special. It was more painful to think that we have a lot of memories before but just someone to each other. I hate the fact that we have a kind of relationship that everyone is jealous of nevertheless, they don’t know that we are just as best friends to each other.

We got to their place. His place which I do remember a lot. I want to run away but I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to reminisce but everything brings me back to the past. I do hate it. Anyway, we don’t talk to each other. It was better for me but was still awkward. I asked myself to survive. Okay, just let time passed.

A moment later, I’m nothing to this party. No one talks to me or neither come to have a drink with me. A guy in blue stares at me everywhere I go. I am too scared and suddenly, my girl best friend chitchat and flirted with her boyfriend. Yeah, I feel all alone in this party. I decided to leave but I think I have to go to the restroom first.

Heading to the restroom, it was on the 2nd floor as I remember. The guy in blue was following me. It gave me chills. What would I do? My best friend is too busy and no one ever been there for me. So, I entered to a dark room so I can take myself away from his eyes. Nevertheless, somebody grabbed me by the hands and covered my mouth. I couldn’t shout yet the scent was familiar to me so I feel comfortable anyhow.

Finally, the guy in blue left. The man who helped me put away his hands to me and said “Still, you worry me so much!”. It was Daniel. I don’t know what emotion to portray. Am I going to be angry because it was him? Or sad for it was him? Or happy, the man who saved me is him? This time, I want to asked him questions but I don’t know what words to say. Speechless!

“Thank you!” I was about to leave when he grabbed me again and hugged me this time. I was like, “Hey, stopped! What are you doing?” Then, stares on me for a while and I couldn’t resist. I was hypnotized and I don’t know what happened. I found myself kissing him.

I’ve got into my senses and run away. I am confused and dazed about what I have done. What was that?

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