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My brother sexually assaulted me when I was eight years old

I am living with my family now I have two elder brothers both of them tortured me throughout my life.

One of the brother sexually assaulted me when I was eight years old until I become fifteen years old.

At that time he himself was twenty one years old when he first sexually assaulted me and about all this incident I never told anybody.

I am twenty four years old now. Last year only I told mom about all this out of frustration and mom did nothing to give me any kind of justice and another brother tortured me mentally by hitting me, slapping me, and kicking me on my face, just because I haven’t followed his order to give him the bottle from the refrigerator; or simple things like.

I didn’t bring food for him from the kitchen and he too tortured me right from my childhood for silly things, but I had to continue my studies facing all this torture.

Now I have completed graduation and post-graduation. Now I am studying hard to get a good job since I am not getting any job.

Now my brother told mom that I don’t have any status to stay at home as am not earning any money.

I am so much hurt now that I can’t trust any people now.

I feel lonely and often suicidal. I had two breakups in the past because I wanted commitment from my last boyfriends. All I wanted is love and commitment, but they couldn’t promise me a commitment, so I left them.

And now I don’t have any friend or boyfriend or a good relationship with my brothers; neither a good job or career.

I feel very lonely but still I want to live and laugh like others have a good career and live my life.



  1. Mam work hard and be successful in ur life ..God not send u on earth jus for making bf n relationship once u will success u will start following by gud ppl… U r mature then me that’s y I can say much more… All the best n gud luck for ur life

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