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I liked to watch my mother shower and masturbate.

I liked to watch my mother shower and masturbate.

I would always finish while she washed her breast, then one day I was late, when I got to the bathroom, mom was done washing her breast and moved her hands down. Then she put a foot on the side of tub and I saw it. The pink rose I was already hard I walked up to the tub stroking myself.

Then mom yelled.

I ran to my room laid in my bed and still stroking it. I layer there, eyes closed then it shot off.

I heard a noise and mom was there nude and my cum landed on her by her pussy. She just looked and walked out.

The next day I was masturbating again and mom walked in sat on bed next to me started stroking me until I shot off.

She then took my hand led me to her room took off her clothes off we started playing and still do to this day..

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